Take The Stage


Allow me to the stage here
And say a few words
Tell me if you’ve heard this before
Open your mind
And let this resonate in your ears
Things can be much closer
Than they actually appear
No need for an introduction
The world is operating under
Sinister plots and disruption
And what not
So excuse the interruption
But this is an emergency
Trying to wake many up
So they can see
The environment around them
Days and nights that is grim
And hope and peace seems slim
By each day that comes about
Many succumbing to
Denial and doubt
Here is another point
If you will bear with me
Can I proceed?
Let’s continue to disagree
And smell of hate
No more time for a debate
Occupying the same planet
Yet so many miles away
From one another
This affects every
Shade and color
Of the skin were in
So where do I begin here
Too many carrying on
Through much fear
And undue stereotypes
Don’t believe the hype
And stop the lies
You deem to be right
To abide by cultures
With not enough history in sight
Causing further division
And severing ties
To a wrong and prolonged type
Step out into the light
And take the stage with me
Who is brave enough here
To simply see
The bigger picture
Of all of the issues
Lurking about all over
Circling around each other
Each and everyday
With moving on to the night
More have to speak up
And do what is right
I could keep going
But I don’t have to
Because more of us
Are needed and know what to do
Give more hugs and love
While discovering more truths
Well my time is up
And hope what I said
Hits home
No need for applause
But instead tag along
And be one of the brave souls
To help create and set more stages
To get things done
Not just for self
But for everyone


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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