No Battle


The battle doesn’t have to be
With the one you love
In fact
There doesn’t have to be
A battle at all
When in all
The two of you should be enthralled
With each other
Not battling with one another
Acting like enemies
That try to love each other
But can’t stand the very sight
Of them as soon as
Their back is turned
Time to unlearn
This unproductive behavior
And misplaced actions
Getting back to the place
Of the opposite reaction
With real love and satisfaction
Refusing to fight them
Isn’t the same as running away
Instead it is using love
To find a better way
That will benefit you both
More than you give credit for
Or will ever know
Just make some real effort
To love more than fight
And maybe just maybe
You two will be alright
For longer than just one day
And one night
Choosing not to fight
But to love instead
In every way
Matching your actions
With the words said
To not rattle and battle
But to love one another
Right along your travels
Moving along this world
But also in your very own
A good place if the two of you
Can actually stay there
Loving anyplace and anywhere
And you do not care
Don’t let the battle rage on
Then wind up with your hearts
Leaving love’s home
Ending up with regret
And all alone
The battle doesn’t have to be
With the one you love
Try to see
And rise above


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