Know when to fuel something
And not to fuel
Disrespect turning into duels
And squaring off with another
When it could have gone
A different way
Just by watching what you say
And how you behave
Can have grave consequences
Depending on where the situations
Goes and lays
Extinguish the fire
Not pour more gas on top of it
But rather smother it
And put it out
But these days
Without a shadow of doubt
More tend to cause
A further blaze
And more concerned with
Getting their own way
And having their say
When being humble
And even respectful
Could have greatly changed
The outcome of the day
So sad
That many end up
In situations that could have
Ended well instead of bad
Leaving negative energy behind
And a bad taste in the mouth
Squeezing the very mind
When situations go south
Fuel up something greater
Both now and later
Instead of leaving behind
So many craters
Making the choice instead
To rise above
Using the right fuel
To elevate with trust and thrust
Courtesy mixed with real regard
It is a shame
That so many are unaware
This uncommon thing can take you
Very far
Further than you think
But timing is everything
And could miss the right chance
Just as quickly as you blink
So take the time to think
And make the choice that uses
Fuel to enhance
Not cause further agitation
And drama on the brink
Choose to swim and not sink
Bypassing unnecessary situations
If you just stop and rethink


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