My vision and mission
Is to have my work spread
Around like wildfire
And easily recognizable
Whenever it is found
Get people talking about it
Leaving something to think on
Each and every time
Going from the ears
To the mind
And ignite a fire
That will touch many lives
All around the world
As I have envisioned
And seen as a thing of beauty
Like a very rare pearl
Not for fame or fortune
But to remain humble
Yet inject into many hearts
Well beyond me
For countless miles
And many smiles
Known for my many works
And the amount of ears and eyes
That have heard and read
Whether at sunrise or before bed
Even in the middle of the day
My poetry as the wood
And me as the fire to ignite it
Using my work also
To help unite people as well
Happening so quickly
Before anyone can tell
As an artist
You always want your works
To have an impact
But have to step back
When the exposure lacks
And reevaluate how to move it
Through in a different direction
When it seems as if
It has lost some steam
Takes much work and thought
To do what I do
And much courage to share it
Especially when you never know
How it will be taken
Or even looked at slow
Maybe quickly if lucky
But are always wanting more
Trying to keep the passion
And fire going daily
Sometimes driving you crazy
Because you don’t want to be lazy
But rather sharp and productive
And know always that it is flowing
Igniting the fire constantly
So that it stays ongoing


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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