Teleport A Dream


Drifting to sleep
And dreaming away
Teleporting self
To another place
One that is serene
And pleasing to the senses
To the point of
Having no need
For a consensus
And focus
On the place itself
So peaceful and magical
Can’t see being anywhere else
Let your imagination soar
Taking you to depths so deep
Within this dream to enjoy
But only if you can stay asleep
Yet want this to come true
To physically touch and see it
Within a close up view
Waking up loses the appeal
Because in that very moment
It no longer seemed real
In regards to reality
Such a dreamscape
To commit to memory
And stretch the mind
Allowing you to go there
Each and every time
A place so sublime
Like a paradise in disguise
That simply outshines
Most places during the lifetime
Spanning throughout the years
Holding back regrettable tears
Never will go
Until placed in gear
Bringing yourself near
Teleporting often
And showing up here
For one thing is clear
The mind can take you places
That doesn’t actually appear
Or is even real
All you know
Is how you feel
Beyond measure
Your very own treasure
Teleporting self
To another plain
At least until
You wake up again
To a place words can’t describe
Where your dreams hopefully one day
Would soon be realized


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