This highly symbolic poem
Will not be the norm
Doesn’t have to be
Because you will see
This is expressive art
Drawn and wrote out
From the heart
Taking on many forms
From where it comes from
A tree in the meadow
Light within shadow
A cloud in the sky
A person saying goodbye
A flower that blooms
A butterfly that tore through
Its cocoon
To a poet
Anything can be of inspiration
Poets’ minds never take a vacation
Symbolism everywhere
Your eyes will allow you to stare
And come to care
But can one day frolic
Through balancing out
The metabolic
Surpass the metaphysical
From writing that is original
Leveling out inside
The systolic and diastolic
A universe still untapped
A journey there through
Many unseen laps
Within the deep recesses
Of the mind
And with time
Afraid that those words
Will one day shine
And come off the page
In such a way
That it will take
Many breaths away
The mind of a poet
Some will experience
But never truly know it
A symbol
A sign
For all time
To elevate the sublime
A power through words
From a degree beyond mine
Capturing art
Like a fine wine
Symbolism flowing
Each and every time


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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