Minute To Midnight


Going through the day
With so much on the mind
Thinking in ways
That passes the time
Walking along and moving about
Trying to figure things out
But the answer isn’t always clear
Self-doubt surrounded by fear
Each hour pushes forward
Another minute rolls towards
With each tick and tock
Doing the best with the time
That displays on the clock
Stared at by watch
More ideas and solutions
That needs to be unlocked
Making it home
From the hustle of the day
Wandering if it was productive
Looking in the mirror
At your tired face
Have your goals and dreams
Been abducted
Going against as instructed
By you and your mind
Misplaced plans circle
While on the daily grind
Sitting quietly in the dark
As the day winds down
The moon has come out
And the night is found
To bring more to light
Standing alone in this moment
Out of mind
Out of sight
What if and what gives
Trying to determine
The best way to live
Things seen with the eyes
That sometimes plays tricks
On the mind
And at times the heart
Hoping to be sealed
By a wanted kiss
Making the personal list
And coming to grips
With all the emotions
Because of it
Random thoughts missed
Yet needing to release
From further catharsis
Seconds counting down
To the final hour
Minutes to the storm
All but dour
And feelings sour
Readying for tomorrow
Through a mental fight
Calming self to go asleep
The very minute
Before midnight


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Writings By MCM

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