As I Blend With Blue


As I take a stroll
Throughout this life
Many things come to mind
That from the inside
Usually resides
Over a certain amount of time
Then I realize
That this world
And very blue in color
Has that same feeling
That circles around
So many others
In such a way
Going on for days
Along this flat plane
Many convey and put away
Relishing the thought
Of any positivity that could inlay
Anywhere close to the heart and mind
As I can feel this through
Mixing with blue
With my very own eyes
And sharp senses
Evidence so clear and scattered
No need for a consensus
Excuse me as I
Look to the sky and clouds
Seeking the many possibilities
That could abound
And not only come around
But could go far pass
Anything that one
Could ever had imagined
Despite whatever passion lies
Inside that you now realize
With all hope that seems
To have expired for some
Missing the snare to the drum
And the sticks to play
Just trying to survive
Each and everyday
I keep this in mind
That many need
The chance to shine
After so much has fallen
Out of line
And asking the question of why
Finding themselves all the time
Just trying to get by
Countless things needed
But so many just wave goodbye
Instead of trying to
Break the vicious cycle
That has become home
To more than a few
Needing a very different outlook and view
To change the feeling of blue
As I advise
To pray pass those
That even despise
Join me
As I push forward and towards
And environment one day
That never breaks away
From sunshine
Even as I
And all of you
Continue to blend with blue


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