Ocean View


The sandy shores 
To walk across
And enjoy even more
With no cost
Other than to make the time
To see and take in
The beauty that lies within
These very eyes
All I want to do
Is sit back and relax
And gaze at the ocean view
A feast for the eyes
And to no surprise
That it comprises of
With the radiant view above
So much wonder in just one place
Watching the waves roll and race
At a constant pace
Heading towards my face
As they hit the shore
The color of blue
Seen more and more
Miles around the beach
Further out of reach
Seeming to go on forever
Sunny weather with a breeze
With fresh ocean air released
Taken in each time
That I breathe
Enjoying the vast array
In the middle of the day
Clear light seen
Through to the nightfall
As the moon comes out
Shining its light across all
The clear dark sky
With the ocean walls
As they roar and fall
Roll and crash
With the sounds to match
Its very presence
Showing off its essence
That just won’t wait
No matter how late
With no sense of time
For it has nowhere to go or be
Just do its own thing
And combine
The elements that make it up
Displaying a show
That one can never get enough
Of despite the visit
Enjoying the sounds
As you hear it
Glancing at the waves when
You come near it
And in spirit
Just trying to appreciate it
This amazing natural wonder
That was marvelously created


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Writings By MCM

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