Life Of A Tree


Starting out as a seed
Needing to grow
Nutrients gathered indeed
So it can be so
It grew from the ground
Starting to show an appearance
Eyes tend to abound
When they come near it
Beginning to show some height
Drenched and surrounded
By the sunlight
This particular tree
Has shown more than just promise
Its goal to be
A natural wonder
Showing considerable height now
Of course over some time
Must imagine how
It feels on the inside
Branches stretched out
And leaves are plentiful
Its rich colors seems to shout
Definitely not bashful
This one is tall
And is helping supply oxygen
To us all
It does this without missing a beat
Sharing with us something
We truly need
But then one day
Tragedy struck this tree
A man came over
And started sawing it away
With the tree at disbelief
Only if it had a face
The agony it must feel
Being cut away at the base
The inevitable happened
And the sky teared up and frowned
This amazing tree
Had finally fell down
So much growth
A natural wonder
The tree and its oath
Is now no longer
Not something ever given
A life long chance
So much power taken away
By just one man


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Writings By MCM

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