Cloud Cover



Looking up at the dismal sky

With not one ray of sunshine

Cloud upon cloud

And seen for miles

Taking the time

To stand outside and observe

Taking in the crisp air

And no sound to be heard

Gray patches move about

Circling all around

What is this about

Gloomy to the eyes

With no sign of sun

Anytime soon

While this semi darkness just looms

Overhead with many clouds to spare

Yet don’t appear to be going anywhere

The temperature is mild

And with a slight breeze

Barely any movement from the trees

As I sit and stare for a while

The sky although gloomy

Doesn’t match my mood

In this moment it is fine to me

As I chill and self soothe

Trying not to think about anything

And just enjoy the view

Many fractions of the sky

Obscured by lots of clouds

Just look around

And they can be found

Lining up like a curtain it seems

And heading towards the ground

Cooling the air all around

For quite a duration

It has taken over for a while

Masking typical sunny places

Yet somewhat tropical

This is quite a show

Being put on for the opticals

As they are having their moment

For the day

With much on display

Not much more to say

Other than the clouds above

And if I may

Seems to me like they have something to say

And served upon a very nice tray

But will eventually move and make way

For the sun to later come out and play



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Writings By MCM

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