Push Through


To say it
Then let it
Run away with you
No matter what you do
Leading and channeling through
Right now instead of soon
So come with truth
I dare you
To assume the position
Coming up with an original rendition
That despite opposition
And vast attrition
So take it upon you
As your very mission
To see it through
Your good works
Going pass you
Having learned past lessons
And in essence
Having not one person
Try to contest it
And get bested
Or smoked by someone
That cannot steer this vessel
Nor wrestle
With the mere idea
Of poetry leaving this place
And staying clear
Of the fast pace
And the blast it shows
When entering the atmosphere
And who knows
At a constant flow
With more than enough to hear
That rocks and rolls
The sounds that hit the ears
Being exactly as they appear
With no reason to fear
That you go out there
And be heard
Writing up subjects and verbs
Pen to paper
With a variety and endless words
That are liable to occur
At any given time
When circling around
The poetic mind
And wide-eyed
That rarely needs a tissue
When they barely cry
Channeling words from the inside
That can’t wait to go live
After being on the paper
Where it resides
Waiting to travel about the outside
To many places around you
So whatever you do
Continue to write on
And sound the alarm
With lyrical and literary intensity
That always displays
The best of me
No matter who arrives
Just get in line
And do you
Poetry is an art form
With a power of words
That always pushes through


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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