Pen To Paper


Ask any poet
And you will see
They will show you why
This art form is so unique
The thought process
Is more or less
In a universe of its own
Not always explainable
Just better left alone
And doesn’t have to make sense
Poets do more than
Give their two cents
Construction of an event
Folded over and bent
Rolled out of the mind
Poured out of the heart
Each and every time
From the very start
A twenty four seven task
Just ask one
When you see them
Words sprout at a moment’s notice
You must capture them
In that very moment
With no time to waste
So make haste
Or you’ll forget where it went
No going back afterwards
Once you have a taste for it
A forward only talent
With pen in hands
And sharp talons
The paper is the target
To flood it with your words
Original material comes to life
Like you’ve never heard
Blended together for your ears
Words flying off the page
And wait as they disappear
Yet heads towards the soul
Once on a roll
An experience seen as bold
In a way that can’t always be
Described or told
Meant to be lively
And not cold
Inspiring the world over
Both young and old


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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