When Darkness Prevails


Like someone has gone

And set a spell

Yet to hidden and sneaky

For anyone to tell

Darkness rolling over

The entire world

In many aspects

Where light tends to hurl

Itself in a place

Where there is nothing left

Because the dark

Has covered the rest

Very dim at best

Violence runs around often

And the peace has left

Hate shown openly

Love is staring to become

A very distant memory

And a thing of the past

It has only gone this far

Because it was allowed to last

Many choosing to do

Everything but the right one

And believing this is fun

Leaving such a royal mess behind

Within long periods over time

Many things done by man

Selfish and out of control

Not caring where it lands

Or how far its gone out of hand

Looking at the world

Through a keyhole

And left lonely and cold

With evil actions too bold

Having the good and just

To never be sold

This has become so old

And completely worn out

Why can’t anyone see

What this is truly about

And the lights have been turned off

Like someone has gone

And set a spell

And the light has lost its throne

When darkness prevails


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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