The Art of Rhyme (Part 2)


Who dares
Stops and stares
And unaware
That I don’t care
Nor will I spare
Any realism
When it’s time to share
And be square
Not always fair
A roaring lion with words
Charging out of the lair
Bringing much hope
Out of despair
That can take you somewhere
If you just stop and listen
And prepare to witness
The lyrical spit out
In an instance
Never holding back
And will close any distance
No need for any assistance
These words will light up
And continue to glisten
Whether through
The sun or moon
Always nice with no impending doom
And very soon
Will this art loom
And fly straight through
The hearts and minds
That continue
Looking forwards to
The effects that are left
And memories kept
That will seek to fill up
Until it is more than enough
Though could sound off
Both nice and rough
But hold up
This too shall pass
And very much outlast
Many lives that will cast
Over the years
Poetry that strikes and bites
And won’t waste a tear
Always near and dear
To the poetic minds
That are comprised of
Their very own atmosphere
Like beats to the treble
And on another level
Lyrical minded
And so quick
You just can’t time it
Unique verbal assaults
If you don’t mind it
That grind
And fall in line
Full of surprise
With art that chimes
Words moving on the regular
And so inclined
This art form is mine

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