The River With No End


Starts out in one place

And ends at another

Flowing along the many areas

And can shutter

All that flows within

Wondering just how many places

This has actually been

Over all its years

Near and dear

To all that come here

From among the trees

Land and hills

Moving so effortlessly

And never lying still

Touched by many hands

That have stood over it

Or engulfed and submerged

Swimming or boating along

To its very rich sounds and song

Right where you sit

And move to other land

From this very river

Hoping to one day further understand

The mere beauty of its essence

Channeling along with many

Life lessons

With a consistent and quiet trend

And when did this begin

Depended upon for many things

And all that it brings

To the table of nature

Yet continue well pass

Even when we are unsure

Of its true purpose and mission

Fulfilling its duty

Even when at a distance

Needs no award or recognition

Just carries on

As nature had intended

If you just stop

Look and listen

Self revolving

With a self proclaimed victory

One that always seems to win

Appreciate the absolute value

Of the river with no end

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