To attract beyond the aesthetic

Possessing the power or ability

To be magnetic

And some form of entropy

Pulling two sides into one

With neither wanting to be outdone

Whether serious or just plain fun

Heat coming off like the sun

A force to be reckoned with

With no place to hide

Giving more than just two cents

And heavily magnetized

Causing magnetic fields

To shield and reappear

Gathering right down here

On the ground

And without much sound

Soaring pass the atmosphere

Shockwaves the eyes cannot see

Yet very present and steady

Metal upon metal

With a strong connectivity

But can also repel

And magnetically set the tone

For these to eventually meet

With a power of their own

Causing magnetic thrills

With electrical currents


Making way for a vector field

Having certain properties by far

Powered up and moved

By a positive and negative charge

Fields that are small and large

And certain people have this effect

Using to their advantage

And not always the best

A power seen and unseen

Just be mindful

Of what all occurs in between

An energy like no other

Very specific and keen

Use wisely so you want regret it

Always respect the power of

Being magnetic

Based in realism

And the strong bonding paired up

Through magnetism

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