A beautiful but deadly display

Of nature itself

Phenomena that has been around

For many years

Many have witnessed it

Through much excitement and fear

Hot as the sun

And shockwaves sent out

In all directions

For just about anyone or anything

To feel and see

The fierceness and intensity it brings

A power unlike any other

Each bolt is significant

And not always similar to another

Amazing that so far

And all of its natural and electrically charged

Qualities and show it puts on

Just admire and respect this force

And stay inside of course

Flashing with such an effect

And wondering what it will do next

Throughout this storm system

Hearing the thunder and roaring

That you just can’t help but listen to

Every time it happens

Looking forward to tracking

And figuring out its patterns

Lighting up many regions

With just one strike

An amazing feat of nature

Moving left and right

Lightning is powerful

With its power always in sight

And though vicious most of the time

It is still a delight


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Writings By MCM

One thought on “Lightning

  1. NICE!!!! I LOVE THIS. I’ve always been in a awe of lightning. It’s so raw and vicious, but magnificent. It reminds me of the power of God.

    You just perfectly expressed why I am in utter awe of it.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet


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