We tend to forget about
The most simplistic thing we do
Without a doubt
Daily and true
And that is the ability to breathe
Naturally as a gift with each breath taken
While others need a machine
Just to make it
Keep receiving
The air you’re breathing
Another day succeeding
Into life and heart beating
Steadily repeating
Lungs inhaling
And exhaling
Be grateful to be receiving
Always needing
Done without wanting
Just a feeling
Doesn’t require stealing
Pray and be kneeling
The most engaging
Set on automatic daily
So you’re not waiting
To show up hopefully
But someone didn’t receive theirs
And left this world without air
A body missing from the chair
Show more gratitude and care
For such an important part of life
Like words to a book
That seems so overlooked


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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