The Sky



Looking up and seeing blue

Goes on about the day

No matter what we do

Clouds abound and the sun shines

Amazing how all of this

Just falls in line

Different colors show

Depending on the event

How many times have we looked up there?

Between each day and night spent

Noticing it from everywhere

The night gives way to the moon

And just how soon

Does it get in tune

Gleaming down from its own view

More up there than we know

Just because we see it from down here

Doesn’t make it so

Or unveiled all of its beauty

Right before our eyes

Just enjoy staring at a prize

And besides

Creation we cannot deny

And nothing we’re capable of making

No matter how hard we try

Cannot deny

No point of asking why

Just thank the one above

And give back a smile



Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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