The Mind of One (2)


The mind controls the body
As a control center
Utilizing its energy
Busy as always
When you enter
Fields for days
Mapped out within caves
A focused splinter
Deep as a concentrated winter
Having a controlled
And focused mind
Makes it a weapon
A potent item when truly used
Right inside of you
Located in your head
Sharpen it often
Load it with knowledge
Graphic life experiences
Can take you beyond college
Learning of a different kind
Of lesson
And in essence
Often contested
Use it for the best efforts
Thinking with logic
Upon detailed thoughts and objects
That supplies you with more options
Than ever thought possible
Limitless potential
For the truly committed
And unstoppable
So hinted
Come with it
Making one solid idea
Only just the beginning
No direct sale here
Tip the scale
Soar the atmospheric
Appearing beyond just well
With no time to fail
Narrowed and in a lane
That cannot be trailed
Or tailed
Words coming about
New and hard to spell
And very detailed
But able to share
When you truly become aware
Of the capabilities
Within the top layer
Of your head
Use first before an action instead
Technology that won’t surpass
What was created and lies up there
So who cares?
Be you and use what you have
And was given
As the object lesson
Cause you don’t need a weapon
You are a weapon
And never done
The mind of one


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