Change The View


Putting those in a place
They do not belong
And just how long
Will you allow them
To reside there
Are you even aware
Of the type of person
They portray all the time
While calling them mine
Dimming your light
So that it doesn’t shine
But you wait
And before you know it
It has become too late
Now you need an escape
Or better yet an evacuation
Because this situation
Is out of shape
And you’re beyond being whole
Allowing such horrors
To build and unfold
Even when advised and told
To watch out
But carry on without any doubts
Now your own lips
Have formed a permanent position
Of a pout
From inside you shout
Just your own rendition
Having never switched
From a useless position
With opposition and omission
As the standard conditions
When you know that you
Can do and be better off
Because at this point
You have truly become lost
Find yourself again
And become your own best friend
So that you won’t choose
This ongoing trend
The next time around
Real happiness to be found
But starts with you
For you have to be good first
Before you can allow
Another into your life
To insert
Them into your heart and mind
Just take your time
And don’t be afraid
To give yourself more time
Allowing the relighting
Of your own shine
And igniting
A new sign that says go
Cause when the time is right
You will know
So place that ex beau
In your rear-view
And remember that patience is a virtue
To truly wait on the one
Actually meant just for you


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Writings By MCM

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