Thorn In The Side



Or someone
Never fun
Causing a steady issue
Before you
Like a constant headache
From an senseless debate
Being the problem
Instead of the solution
Halting the evolution
Being a revolution
A prick off a rose
And expose
A small weakness
Of vulnerability
Hindering the ability
To improve
Making someone lose
And scorn not adorn
Being a constant thorn
In one’s side
Is where some reside
Taking misery on
Like it is a prize
A wolf in disguise
Rolling around in lies
When asked it is denied
Unable to be honest
If they tried
And for unknown but silly
Reasons why
Get with the times
Help make a difference
In other’s lives
And try
To look beyond self
The ability of helpful actions
Injected somewhere else
Besides home
With you alone
To leave a mark
On this world
Stamped in stone
And not made in sand
Pushing effective change
For every child
Woman and man
Be the rose
And not the thorns
Yet oppose those
That has a different idea
Of anything that is the opposite
Of being near and dear
To hearts and minds
Of so many people
That needs positivity
During these hard times
Be the one that changes lives
And thrive
To pull out the thorn
In so many sides



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