All Around


Everywhere I turn
I see more hate than love
It has been allowed to burn
With nothing nice to speak of
Find myself with a frown
From all the hate that abounds
All around me
Far as my eyes can see
Why has this become the case?
Because hate has built the base
And foundation
To which this nation
Seems to walk on and carry
So what varies?
Among all who wake each day
Scattered more than anyone
Can actually say
Listen to the pulses racing
With discord in the veins
Love and peace has been deleted
And hate has remained
We were not meant
To go about life this way
Can’t anyone see?
Not one living thing
Or this planet even
Is living in harmony
Darkness has struck a chord
Within too many people
An episode of only one
With light never made it
As a sequel
From so many
Not seen as equals
This is very systemic
And has become an epidemic
Hate that just won’t cease
With racism as the cause
Of this contagious disease
What good has come from all of this?
Nothing at all
I guess the whole world enjoys
Heading for a fall
Can anyone feel this in the air?
All of the constant despair
Wreaking havoc
Within hearts and minds
Does anyone out there believe?
That something better could be done
With all of their time



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