Tears of Earth


Many hearts rolled inward
As to form a curl
Headed towards
The many tears shed
From around the world
If we could add them all
And sum them up
Like just shy of a fall
Would it seem too much?
Then turn around and say
Enough is enough
Too many hearts left
Completely untouched
And the severity of it
Effects each and everyone of us
On various levels
As the teapot to the kettle
How can anyone just settle?
And feel okay with this
So many issues
Have been dismissed
As it appears
And comes near
Observant of real fears
Can’t phantom all the cries
From those despised
Told so many lies
And biggest fears realized
That pain and suffering here
Has become its very own enterprise
The amount of water
Produced from so many eyes
If we tally them up
I’m sure we’d be surprised
And shocked at the number
Too many people slumber
And go without sleep
Because their circumstances keep
Them is such dismay
In and out everyday
This is such a crime
Too many going about life
Like everything is fine
Going to sleep with a smile
While others ponder daily
If their life is even worthwhile
This world was flooded once
As a reminder of every rainbow
That appears
But figuratively flooded again
From all these tears




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