Be Yourself


Always be you
Always be true
To who you are
And happy with self
Not to jump over hurdles
For someone else
If they can’t accept you as is
Then show them the door
Instead of giving them more
You will give
And they will continue to just take
Then you later have to live
With making this dreadful mistake
Losing yourself
And who you are
Just so they can be okay
But who are they anyway?
While unhappiness radiates from your core
With so much bottled up
Knowing you can’t handle anymore
They play victim
And make you feel guilty
When you stand up for yourself
Against their dark and grim
Selfishness and proclivities
Acting like you won’t be good
With anyone else
Head right
And let them go left
Follow those instincts
You know you have felt
And make distance
In an instant
Getting as far away from them
As you possibly can
Don’t try to make someone fake and arrogant
They are from another land
And exist only in a place
Built just for them
So let them stay there alone
And you pack up and move on
Caring people don’t condemn
Your life is better off without them
Know your worth and value
And always stay true to self
Eyes with a better view
Appreciated one day by someone else
Actually worth your time and efforts
Who would rather jump off a bridge
Than make you hurt
Real love that won’t throw you for a curve
Never accept less
Than what you deserve



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