A Heart To Love



A heart of gold
That can’t be sold
Never told
With its on code
Has all that it knows
And consistently shows
Wrapped like the present with a bow
Say it isn’t so
A love that flows
And constantly grows
Hate is its foe
That will deal it a blow
But will it row
And continue to glow
Go and sew
Itself in more than you’ll know
Surpass the status quo
Move at steady pace and never slow
But you owe
Even though
You want to go
And bestow
Upon the one beau
Never to fly low
Not cold as snow
Hand in hand in tow
Hearing yes more than no
But oh
This love should feel like whoa
As if given by a pro
Shot by an arrow
Loaded with plenty of ammo
A pace set at auto
Yet also
Can heal you like aloe
Soaring together not solo
Upon wings circled in airflow
With lots of memories on photo
Always full and never zero
No sorrow
Not narrow
Not shallow
Not hallow
No ego
But a ratio
Of long term success tomorrow
Keeping it as close to a halo
A journey you both follow
Through the cosmos


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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