When Love Leaves


When love leaves
It is felt
It is a feeling
Unlike anything else
Like the heart has been
Emptied out
Not the same since
With its residue left about
An ache mixed with pain
Now feeling empty
When full had been gained
Before all of this
Now fading away as a mist
Left bewildered and confuse
Emotions setoff
By such a short fuse
Felt a win before
But somehow now lose
What was given
And set into place
Was it a mistake?
But staring you right in front
Of your face
Running a marathon
In someone else’s race
And not coming in second either
But third
Something so unheard of
And absurd
Feeling unknown emotions
Like never before
The heart fell and crashed on the floor
The ride is now over
But you feel like
You were the last to know
The eyes have lost the light
That they once use to show
Like a certain warmth
Has left the body
Oozing out slowly
Quietly and not loudly
The bulb has gone out
The spark is missing
How did this come about?
Beyond what the ears was listening
To and mind conceived
Trying to comprehend
Real masked as pretend
How can such a love
Just up and leave
Was it truly what it seemed?
Did it meet the need?
Or just appear so
Everything the opposite
Now in reverse
Of what you use to know
That once was real
But no deal
Can no longer heal
Or lips sealed
What has been revealed
Or return back
And the love you believed
Was going right
Came under attack
And suddenly turned left
With no real cause or explanation
Now you have to go fight
And pick up the pieces left
Plotting a course away from the devastation
Towards a new and hopeful destination




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