Stroll Away



Taking a stroll
Around an area I know
A place to relax
And let my thoughts flow
Its sunny outside
And the sky is clear
My own personal time
With no one to interfere
Taking in fresh air
While the sun covers my face
My very own scene
Out of nowhere
Enjoying my favorite place
Moving at a pace
With sand between my toes
Feeling the breeze
The best place to go
I see the ocean
And the ocean sees me
It’s about time we meet
Again for the first time
This week
Your amazing view I seek
And calm as can be
As if you waited
And displayed yourself
Just for me
Taking in this natural beauty
My eyes don’t want to leave
My heart skips a beat
Peaceful as far as I can see
Holding out my hand
While the small waves
Clash calmly and steady
Though next time
I’ll have my camera ready
So I can take you with me
And admire anytime
The thought of you crosses me
But for now
I’m going to stay awhile
Have a seat in the sand
And continue to smile
Watching the waves roll
And when the sun goes down
Wait for the moon to show
I will finish the rest of my walk
Because I am not tired
Nowhere else I need to be
Other than watch the day expire
This place may seem quiet
But everything here talks
You just have to listen
And each time feels new
As the moon glistens
Over the ocean view
A pleasant potion
Being still and no motion
Thanks for meeting with me today
Now must bid you adieu
I’ll be back soon
Yet sad at the end of the day
As I stroll away from you



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