See What I See


Voices that touch the sky
Heard through cries
But sometimes asking why
Here and present
Yet feel denied
Faded and jaded
Too gone within to debate it
Then those that move about
Joyful and shout
Smile upon smile
And never seem to go without
A good time for a while
Cruising never abusing
Down to the last mile
With happiness on file
Two very different persons
Unlike two sides of the same coin
One feeling and experiencing
The other is growing
With consistent fascination
And ongoing
People meet like this
All the time
Standing in the same lines
Being face to face
But couldn’t be further away
One wants to be the other
And one wants them
To stay out of their way
Oh how nice it would be
To see each other on the same playing field
And see how this would truly reveal
The concern and care
But not dare
Go and say
At anytime
Fairness and equality
For all humankind
Not just for some of it
Could this situation fit?
Well one day it did
Not erroneous
Everyone peaceful and harmonious
Went very well together
And worked out
Without any doubt
Happiness circling all about instead
Actions done and words said
For the better
And it was in that very moment
I smiled for a while
But then something very peculiar happened later
I woke up and it was over


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Writings By MCM

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