Flower In A Box



The woman who stays home

Mostly alone

Afraid of what the world

Has to offer

Both good and bad

She seems sad

And doesn’t recognize

Her real beautylbbiktnnhnm_607166

To sympathize

What is inside and outside

That she is afraid

For anyone to see

Scared to lose

And gets consumed by

The hello and goodbyes

Of most people

Feeling she is not their equal

Like a seed in a pot

That hasn’t started to grow

Or show a bloom

For she has plenty of room

To branch out of the pot

She lives her life

Enclosed in a box

Figures that no one can touch her

If she stays inside her home

Choosing to be alone

Until one day

A man came her way

While just outside her yard

He waved to her from his car

But she didn’t go out too far

From the door

Wandering to herself

What does he want me for?

He leaves and returns again

But leaves her a dozen roses

With a note

Stating that he noticed her

And hoping a meeting will occur

She reads the note

With the sweet smell of the roses

Felt like an antidote

With him stating


That he has always loved her

And took him a while to find her

If she could just

Come out of her shell

He would tell her

What she has always meant to him

From many years ago

Because he knows

Her from when they were younger

And always wanted

The two of them

But life for her was grim

He knew this about her

But wanted to

Help her live again

And break the trend

She has been lost in

She decides to meet with him

But doesn’t exactly remember him

He asked where she has been

She stated right here

The man tells her

With a saddened voice

That you made a choice

That bonded us together

He grabs her left hand

And says

You are my wife

She looks confused

But there was something about him

That feels right

Like she can win finally

And not lose

She holds his hand tight

And says I don’t remember you

But I can tell you know me



He says my flower

You lost your memory

And ran away

For several years gone

And finally found you

Just the other day

We have always been in love

And very close

A love warm as fresh toast

Stronger than most

And never wanted anyone else but you

She says help me remember

Because I feel like a ghost

Moving about this world

Lost and never found

Until know

The lonely girl

I thought no one wanted

From out of town

Closed up like a curl

He says he is here now

And not going anywhere

If you don’t remember me right now

I don’t care

But I will not lose you again

Maybe we can start

A new beginning

Until these memories come

Flooding back and so many

If any

And if not it’s okay

I will still love you anyway

Then in that moment

You may remember me

And return to the woman

You use to be

Fun and full of life

No longer living under a rock

And be my flower again

No longer trapped in a box

She smiled and cried

And never asked why

Looking at him while holding his face

And says

Can you stay a while?

He smiles and says

I always have

She smiles and laughs

Then says

I have always imagined

That would be said to me

By my better half






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