Self Aware


For at times to be left alone

Having a conscious knowledge

Of one’s own

Awareness of self

Not to include anyone else

Time to care

And readily be aware

Of such a visual

Just of the individual

Mirrored from the inside

While outside

Will show your response

Take heed of this at once

Not really caring

What others may see or say

Because right now

It’s just about you anyway

For a time

Fall in line

Never behind

On the grind

Moving forward only

To not rewind

Surely the time

To go and find

The sign

Yourself in a time

To find and intertwine

Staying away from a bind

If you’d be so inclined

And also kind

To sound the chime

Never drop a dime

On the reception

Of your true perception

The pathway of your inception

Heading in a specific direction

In a section

That may at some point require

Certain facets of correction

As imperative

To being your own executive

Not to fall prey to the negative

Being self-persuasive

Positive congestion

Putting forth the best impression

Through various suggestions

Self-awareness so expressive

With success as your only objective



Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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