Ban and Wall

The Muslim Ban and Wall


President Donald Trump has stated that he is against Muslims in the United States, and wants to crack down on their exits and entrances with the U.S.-Mexico border.

And also along with the proposed wall to separate the U.S. and Mexico borders. Trump wants to greatly reduce and eventually stop all illegal immigrants from crossing over to the U.S. This issue alone has stemmed not only opinions but has been met with opposition as well.

There are many Muslims living here within the continental U.S. and for many of these people, this has always been their home and country. They are fearful of not only the possibility of leaving, but also entering the U.S.

Many families within this community have spoken about this grave and very present issue at hand, even those that have worked alongside our very own military. Heightened threats of terrorism related to this specific community, and why Trump makes his firm stance.

If the number of potential threats is decreasing due to this immigration change, this gives  a better outlook on the nation’s overall security. But of course, no  issue is one sided and must look at the whole picture.

Concerning the wall between Mexico and The U.S. border crossings, this continues to be a very pressing issue. Decreases in illegal crossing s are better but not good enough for the vast majority of Americans. Trump wants to do more by building this wall, but many others feel this very blunt way is causing an even bigger issue regarding race relations.

2016 numbers were greater than 2015 as far as the number of illegal immigrant crossings, but have decreased since. This only raises more issues going forward including; taxes, costs, citizenship status, and work force to name a few.

Either one would need to enter the country by legal means from here on according to Trump, but many are wondering is that really all there is to it this growing issue? Share your thoughts about these, and let me know what you think.


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