To Cage A Butterfly


Unique in its very appearance
Floating in flight
Amazed when you come near it
They are quite a delight
Stunning to the eyes
And come in many colors
Delicate yet so simple
Can’t help but smile
They move about so carefree
And running into one
Can be a rare treat indeed
Keeping one for yourself
Is an injustice for them
Though you may feel the sight
Of this amazing creature
As a living art piece
But to a butterfly
Their existence just ceased
Let them fly and roam
And glide through the air
A glass cage is not their home
You need to be aware
Others feel this same way
Each and everyday
Just because you can see
Outside of the glass cage
Doesn’t mean that you’re free
Certain things need to live and breathe
As nature intended it to be
Like a beautiful butterfly
Meant to fly and shine
But unable to just be
Who and what it truly is
Hoping it last long enough
While waiting forcibly it seems
Wandering the whole time
While trapped inside
If it will once again
Ever get to spread its wings



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Writings By MCM


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