The Art of Rhyme


Words that are subliminal
Never meant to come off criminal
Yet intentional
Not intended to be trivial
Very much lyrical
Can be comical
And hysterical
The art form itself is incredible
Let the ears partake of this wonderful
Mind eats it up like its edible
Moving as water on the coastal
Unlimited and ample
Words that are capable
And universal
Not bashful
Can be excitable
Beyond annual
Can hit you like an anvil
Pouring through the emotional
Inside the heart as a portal
Waiting to made readily available
An impact so colossal
Never fragile
Beyond the general
Often debatable
And suggestable
Sounds off like a hymnal
Can be lethal
Yet motivational
Absorbed through like a needle
Beautiful and regal
Followed up by many sequels
Circles and swivel
Crisp as vinyl
Never stuck in idle
Always be grateful
Completely on another level
Art that is forever hopeful
With movement that reaches global


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

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