The Desert Hour

This poem relates to suicide and depression, issues that so many are dealing with. My heart goes out.



Don’t just lay down and die
It’s okay to ask why
But don’t lose hope
Or even worse
Commit suicide
You are important
It’s just your light has been
Dim for a while
And not given a chance to shine




Inside the mind
Roaming from time to time
Moving along at a pace
That seems out of place
Or outside the character
But captures
In that very moment
A snapshot of self
Being in a place
Not intended for anyone else
A desolate area when
Your mind stops your motion
Freezing any notion
Of conscious activity in that hour
Transferring yourself outwards
Into the inside
Yet at a divide
In a place that doesn’t thrive
On the positive
Like stuck in a desert
Has become obvious
Within the brain
Yet when you’re there
You cannot remain
Nor leave unchanged
Suffered a loss
With no regain
Just manifested more pain
Tripped and fell onto
An undiscovered terrain
A virtual barren land
You can’t explain
As you move about
Feeling stuck inside
Of a mental drought
With unaccepted reasons
Ending up wandering
Throughout this region
Hasn’t changed with the seasons
Must find the way out
Without any doubt
Don’t get lost there
Don’t lose your way
Things could turn around
Anytime or any day
Build up your tower
Rediscover your power
And not wind up fading away
In the desert hour

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