Your Own Mind




No one has to follow

In the footsteps of those

That came before them

No need to be hollow and shallow

Being hateful and cold

Following a previous shadow

Continuing a very mean trend

That you can oppose

Don’t just follow suit

Do what is best for you

You can make up

Your own mind

Get with the times

Learn to lead and not just follow

Cause their may not be a tomorrow

To make up for

You yourself can do more

Have the courage

To speak out loud

You don’t have to always

Follow the crowd

Despite past and family

You can be different

And the change you seek

In your heart you know is right

Walk into the dark

And shine some new light

Don’t go and repeat

The same mistakes or hate

Be what you want people to truly see

And not allow yourself to be

The many apples

That fell from the same tree



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Writings By MCM



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