Order Up Electric

To go electric or not go electric? That is the question that occupies many minds today, and into the future. I know that we love our gas powered cars and trucks among other types of vehicles. And why not? We’ve all grown so attached to them and going now for over a century. What most people don’t know is that electric vehicles are not new. That’s right, not new, just more like resurfaced and with a vengeance.

Here are a few facts about them:

They emit no carbon dioxide

Instant torque anytime it’s needed

They run near complete silence

They came before internal combustion vehicles

First recorded speeding ticket in America was in an electric car

Can be charged through electricity, solar, and wind

Can be charged at home and in public

Have created a whole new used car market

Reduce energy dependence and energy efficient

Of course I could go on and on here, but you get the point. I know some of us find out hard to be without the sound of the engine, especially from more high performance vehicles. But this can not only hang with but also outrun many of your high end sports cars and with much less power. Check out Tesla, or cars like the Zombie 222 Mustang and you’ll see what I’m referring to. Range is an issue with most people, but many don’t drive more than 50 miles a day between work and home. So 85 mile range electric could more than meet the need here. But don’t fret, every year the range is increasing, and will continue this way until they basically make gas vehicles obsolete at some point in the future. Not to mention more design options available due to much less parts and very little maintenance is required as well. More technologically advanced as well, just better at every turn. Though many aren’t ready to take the leap yet, but there is still more work to do before they become the standard. Pricing of course next to its gas counterparts is a factor as well; again this is improving each year as well.

I’m not saying to go out and grab one this second, but to get educated about them is key. Talk to current owners also, and even better, go a test drive one at an event or your nearest dealer. Once you actually drive one, it will speak for itself. Hybrids are the bridge vehicle between the two, so for some this may be a good place to start before jumping in with both feet. Either way, we have to start heading in that direction eventually so why not give it look now. New doesn’t always mean something bad or not beneficial, it’s just evolution. Conversions though an expensive choice, are happening as well with current vehicles. Just another option in the custom car market, but it is happening folks. No rush apparently, but let’s look towards the future. We can’t continue using old technology forever you know.


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